Chapter No 1

Question3. Give short answers to the following questions.

i) What are the main characteristics of DATA BASE Administrator?

Answer: A DBA is responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of an organization database

ii) What is a register?

Answer: Registers are high speed temporary storage locations used to hold data and instructions. Some registers are program counter, information registers, memory address registers and memory data registers.

iii) What is the purpose of output devices? Name any five output devices

Answer: An output device is responsible to provide information to user in the form of video, audio, image or printout. Name of different output devices are, Printer, Monitor, Speaker, Plotter, Projector.

iv) What is the purpose of multimedia projector?

Answer: A multimedia projector takes image from a computer and projects it onto a large screen.

v) State three difference between RAM and ROM.

Answer: Difference between RAM and ROM are

  •  RAM is temporary memory while ROM is permanent memory
  • All Contents of RAM is removed when computer turned off while information is stored ROM permanently 
  • RAM loads programs before execution while ROM contains BIOS help operating system to load.
vi) Differentiate between system and application software

Answer: System software control the operations of a computer and its devices while application software are programs that perform specific tasks for users.

vii) List Main functions of the operating system.

Answer:Main functions of the operating system are

  • Accept input from user and display result to the user 
  • Keeping track of files and directories 
  • Control peripheral devices
viii) What is open source software?

Answer: Open source software is available to users free of cost along with source code with rights to modify and share it i.e Linux, Firefox etc.